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Positive Pressure?

I have been pondering on this topic for a few days now. Doing a bit of research and what not. 

I think there is a new pressure added to society and that is being POSITIVE. First of all, it is great to be positive, but it is also normal to be negative and some people are actually born with predisposition to having negative neuro pathways.

Body Positive and self love are great things, but it has also become a problem. Being positive all the time is unhealthy in my opinion. Not everything can be positive or have something about it that is positive. 

On instagram, there is so much FAKE positivity. If you are always “positive”… you are lying to some extent. It gets to the point where people make being sad, Positive! There is NOTHING positive about feeling depressed or suicidal. And if you put a post up telling the truth and admitting the negatives, you are just told to “be positive”. 

Being positive will NOT fix everything. Looking for the positives in a shitty situation is great if you can do it. But sometimes you need to pull your head out of la la land and face the facts. Some things are NEGATIVE and there is and never will be a positive side. 

People get shamed for being negative. Someone posted a picture of their body and said how much they hate it. Some comments were, “don’t complain.” Yeah that’s fucking helpful.

 “Just find what you like and focus on that.” If I could find something I liked why would I be telling you I hate everything about my body. Cheers for the tip.

“You don’t need to hate your body, love yourself.” I am aware I don’t NEED to. If I could just stop, I would. 

“Stay positive!”

People only put negative posts like that to reach out for understanding, not to be told to be positive. It is HEALTHY to be sad sometimes. 

It sounds so stupid when people say stuff like, “cried for hours until I cried myself to sleep. At least I slept for two hours though #staypositive.” 

There is nothing good about crying for hours wanting to die, then crying yourself to sleep to only sleep for two hours. You are ALLOWED to say that is shit and your night fucking sucked without having to find anything positive about it.

Another example would be, “just self harmed again, but it wasn’t deep so that’s good.” No it is not good. There is nothing positive about selfharm. Just because it wasn’t deep doesn’t make the situation any better. You had to feel so low and awful to get to the frame of mind, which is… NOT POSITIVE! 

My suggestion would be to watch the kids movie “inside out.” It is a great representation of why being sad sometimes is good and healthy for a brain and how it makes other emotions fall into place. Humans need to cry and be sad to become strong enough to pick themselves back up and smile because the sadness has past so there is a pathway to feeling better and/or happy.

– Amy xx

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The Road to Recovery

It’s a long hard road with lots of twists and turns and bumps and potholes and speed bumps, sometimes you even fall backwards a few steps.

The length of the road scares people, including myself. It seems so far away but it reality you aren’t walking, you are driving and you will get there when you are meant to.

The twists and turns are challenging you and your will power to keep going and get back on the straight path.

The speed bumps are there to slow you down because after step on this road needs to planned and you have to be ready to move forward. The speed bumps slow you down so you can think about the next steps.

You might fall into a hole sometimes, but that is testing your strength. With this step you prove you have the ability and power to lift yourself up and keep going.

Going up a hill is another challenge. Rolling backwards to the bottom is a part of the journey. No matter who you are, there will always be a time when you back peddle. That is OK. 

Everyone can get over the hill, even if it feels like a mountain. Everyone can recover. It’s a matter of determination and effort.

– Amy xx

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Only one Life?

A friend asked me a question the other day.

Do we only have one life? 

There is lots of debate around the subject of past lives or having lived more than once. So again, do we only have one life?

Yes and no. We have had past lives, we have been on this earth before, our soul travels further into time with each body the world creates for you. But at this very moment we only know our existence as it is and has been since birth. Our souls have lived before, but our bodies have only endured one life that is ours to live in this cycle of time. 

People who can view past live aren’t very far from gypsies doing false reading.

Your brain was born in this world at the generation we are in. You can’t see into the past. As the brain has been only alive since birth in this point of time. The soul is the being that carries on through time. 

You have lived more than once, but the human body does not. You have one life to live but have more lives to live.

Perception and interpretation varies on this matter. What is your theory?

-Amy x