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Re diagnosed as having Schizoaffective disorder. It is a mix of some form of schizophrenia and mood disorders. So it’s like a clusterfuck of shit bits everywhere in every fucking direction and I researched it and NO WONDER I’m not getting better. I was being treated for Paranoid Schizophrenia and BPD. I’m now going into a planned admission for a long while around 2 months long. I need my medications tampered with. I’m starting with lowering the anti depressant because it does absolutely jack diddly squat for anxiety or depression and I have to come off my anti psychotic because it’s used my general psychoses and psychotic symptoms and it’s a run of the mill kinda one not really specified to any particular illness just general symptoms of psychosis. 

160mg of Ziprasidone a day (one 80mg tablet morning and night)

100mg of Prestique (one tablet in the morning) 

1800mg of Lithium (two 450mg tablets morningand night)

1mg benztropine (one tablet at night)

100mg of Seroquel (one tablet at night)

Also looking at going back of Largactil for sleep instead of seroquel. Perhaps temazepam. Not sure yet. One step at a time. Also the replacement antipsychotic will be Clozapine most likely. I have a list of tablets I actually haven’t tried and need to give it to the doctor and decide which to try. 

Tomorrow I set the date when I go in. Nervous as hell.

Also the Australian in me is strong as you can probably tell haha.

– Amy xx

P.s. what medications are you guys on if you are and what dose and what for? Curious is all 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Schizoaffective ”

  1. I am on risperidone injection , I am not trusted to take pills. I was on strongest dose but got it reduced before xmas. I think my diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia but I have read some of my hospital notes they also stuck label of chronic schizophrenia on me, not really sure to be honest. Hopefully your new diagnosis will get you the meds you need.


    1. I have been on resperidone pills. And I live with my parents and at the time they had them padlocked in a metal box and they dished them out day and night as I wasn’t allowed to be trusted with pills either. I am passed that phase in my life. I still feel like doing it sometimes but I have a 4 month old son so I always have him to live for. Resperidone didn’t work for me. It made me lactate haha

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      1. I am past using pills for suicide attempts. But I get the thought every now and then. Voices usually mention it few times a day , but I am happy in my life and want to get the most out of it. Not sure risperdone does much for me either but every one around me tells me it is. I guess your son is a massive reason to stay alive.


  2. I honestly have never wanted to get better more than when I found out I was pregnant. Then he was born and it was like an epiphany. I will do everything I can to get well to provide for my son. Sometimes I think I need him more than he needs me haha.
    But yeah I can’t tell too much that lithium is working but everyone says it does and they can see it so I go with that

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  3. hm… diagnosed with Schizoaffective, Bipolar 1 type. For the longest while, it was Bipolar 1 with psychosis. I’v been in the mental health system for over 20 years now, and it was only in the summer of 2012 that I goot the diagnoses for Schizoaffective. I have had an EXTREMELY bad toxicity level on Lithium (right between my blood tests every 3 months). i was so toxic that i was extremely dehydrated, and ended up being in the hospital for 2 weeks. I only remember the first 2 days of the stay, and the next memory i had was after i got home from the stay and saw a gorgeous sunset. Tried Depakote and I ballooned up 70lbs in 3 months.
    right now I’m on lamictal and i love the drug. Here’s what I take:

    Viibryd – 40mg
    Wellbutrin – 300mg
    Klonopin – 4mg a day
    Lamictal – 200 mg
    Latuda – 120mg
    Seroquel XR – 250 mg

    This has been the best combination for me ever, even though I have taken SO many meds before. I really haven’t taken any of the old antipsychotics, though. But I’ve practically taken all the new ones. I’m pretty much under control, but I still hear things about 80% of the time. now, instead of believing what i hear is true, the meds help me differentiate between real and not real. only very few times since i’ve been on these meds where i thought things were real and they weren’t.


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