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Only one Life?

A friend asked me a question the other day.

Do we only have one life? 

There is lots of debate around the subject of past lives or having lived more than once. So again, do we only have one life?

Yes and no. We have had past lives, we have been on this earth before, our soul travels further into time with each body the world creates for you. But at this very moment we only know our existence as it is and has been since birth. Our souls have lived before, but our bodies have only endured one life that is ours to live in this cycle of time. 

People who can view past live aren’t very far from gypsies doing false reading.

Your brain was born in this world at the generation we are in. You can’t see into the past. As the brain has been only alive since birth in this point of time. The soul is the being that carries on through time. 

You have lived more than once, but the human body does not. You have one life to live but have more lives to live.

Perception and interpretation varies on this matter. What is your theory?

-Amy x 


3 thoughts on “Only one Life?”

  1. I believe our soul continues on, with or without our knowledge. Our bodies that we know of are our containers for our soul. We’ve lived a million lives before this and we will continue to rise up and live more lives. An energy which is our soul, can not be created nor killed…so technically our soul never dies. Just continues on to finally be at the end, is to know the truth of the “big picture”. I like to think we’re asleep right now in some kind of goo, and when we “die” we wake up in our goo tank and pick the next life we want to challenge ourselves with. Great post.


    1. That is a relevant and interesting concept.
      Personally I think we are given the life the world has intended to give us for a reason.
      But the goo concept is cool. I never really thought about that. I like it 🙂

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