Mental Health

Scared of Everything 

Living with anxiety is hard, even when you can deal with it. It still sucks. Mine never leaves. I am anxious about going down the stairs in my house and I go super slow so I don’t fall. I have to wear shoes on the patio because I’m scared ants and bugs will crawl up from the gaps and bite my feet. Some of my anxiety is irrational shit that would never happen. But what if it did? That’s my argument. It’s pretty lame. I know logically there is no need to be scared of those things. I still get anxious to cross a road by myself.

Medication helps me rationalize and defuse these ideas. I meditate and practice CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and mindfulness. Plus distraction and grounding techniques.

I can pass out when I’m super anxious. I forget to breathe and just faint. I also throw up and cry a lot when I’m really anxious. It feels like I can’t fit enough air in my lungs when I’m having a panic attack. I rock back and forth and pace up and down the house and click my tongue and fingers consistently. I also get stressed induced hallucinations. 

Does anyone else do weird things when anxious?

-Amy x


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