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My Obsessive Behaviours

When I lost control of my surroundings and situations, I started obsessing over what I could control. I used to only eat with my plate, my knife and fork, my cup, my spoon and my bowl. If I was at a friends place if I had to eat, i would, but it would make me feel so uneasy. I have a specific route to walk to get to the local shops and have had one for my old house in QLD. I’d walk down the hill on the left side and cross the road at the gutter that had a white arrow on it. I had to step on it to “allow” myself to cross the road. I have my certain routine for washing dishes.  Plastic cups on one side, glasses on the other. Glass plates, plastic plates, small glass plates and small plastic plates. It started getting to the point where I got so cranky if I couldn’t complete tasks the way I needed to.

I still struggle to this day with them. I used to unlock and lock every door and window in the house multiple times throughout the day and throughout the night. That is linked with my paranoia.

The volume on anything that makes noise had to be on a factor of five.

E.G.  5, 10, 15…

Most of the time I don’t realise I am doing these obsessive actions. Don’t be shy to ask question guys!

-Amy xx


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