Mental Health


I have really bad social anxiety so I made piece with the fact that it’s because people are so bloody retarded and stupid that I’m scared I can’t control my bitch slaps when around their stupidity.

I don’t know who dropped these dick heads off on earth from planet stupid. But they are taking their merry old time coming back to get them. That’s wishful thinking I suppose. They aren’t coming unfortunately. We are doomed to be the only race that goes extinct from douchebagery. 

I have an attitude and I don’t take shit from anywhere so I get really nervous because I know how nasty I can be, but scared at the same time because I can’t predict their reactions. That’s always been the problem, whether it be a small or big problem, I always want things to turn out drama free but it sometimes doesn’t word.

I also only started ordering my takeaway food at the counter 5 years ago. I get too nervous and scared of what the person taking my order thinks of be based on my order. I make a fool of myself when I order, speaking to quiet and too fast or dropping my money. 

I think about all of that before I leave the house so most of the time get back in PJ’s and stay in the safe house. 

Embarrassing social moments??

-Amy x


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