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Before I Go Again

Quick fill in, I have been self harm clean since March 2016. I’m still holding strong on that. I have been inpatient admission free for a year this month. I have had a baby, Alexander 🙂 

I’m being admitted into a psych ward I haven’t been in before since I have moved interstate. I don’t know the staff or my way around and I’m break my 1 year streak and I feel so fucking depressed and pathetic. I’m going to an adult ward until I can get into a mums and bubs psych unit. 

I tried to cope without help, I really did. I convinced myself I would never have to be an inpatient ever again. My psychiatrist told me it was an “unrealistic” goal for someone like me. 

I feel like a failure 😦 

But I want to be a better person so I can be a better mum to my son. I am complying with everything the Drs want me to do to reach my goal of being an independent mother! 


-Amy x


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